Coronavirus Sends Another Airline into Bankruptcy: LATAM

Reading Time: < 1 minute Yet another major airline files for bankruptcy over collapse in demand and difficulties in financial survival: LATAM Airlines Group, the biggest airline in Latin America, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The airline said in a statement that the process will not affect its operations, employees and cargo flights. “We are looking ahead to a […]

LATAM Boeing 777 Becomes Disabled on Runway

Reading Time: 2 minutes A LATAM Boeing 777-300, performing flight LA-8084 from Sao Paulo Guarulhos, SP (Brazil) to London Heathrow, EN (UK) with 341 passengers and 16 crew, was enroute near Belo Horizonte, MG (Brazil) when the crew decided to divert to Belo Horizonte due to electrical problems, the RAT (Ram Air Turbine) deployed. The crew performed an overweight […]

LATAM Boeing 767 Experiences Electrical Problems

Reading Time: < 1 minute A LATAM Boeing 767-300, performing flight from Sao Paulo Guarulhos (Brazil) to Milan Malpensa (Italy), was enroute at FL360 when the aircraft descended to FL300, however, maintaining heading towards Milan. About 175nm northeast of Las Palmas the crew turned the aircraft around reporting electrical problems and diverted to Las Palmas, where the aircraft landed safely about […]

LATAM Airbus A321 Bursts Tyre on Landing

Reading Time: < 1 minute LATAM Airbus A321, performing flight from Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, landed on Brasilia’s runway 11L but burst the inboard right main tyre during roll out, debris of the tyre impacted the underside of the wing, wheel well and fuselage. The aircraft rolled out without further incident, vacated the runway and stopped past the hold […]

U.S. – Brazil Open Skies Agreement Moves Closer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Brazil Congress’ lower house has approved an Open Skies agreement between the U.S. and Brazil, which in turn means that the way has been further cleared for an intended partnership between American Airlines Group and LATAM Group SA (LATAM). The agreement still requires ratification from the Brazil Senate. Having been signed in 2011, the agreement […]

LATAM Brasil A320 Strikes Its Tail on Landing

Reading Time: < 1 minute LATAM Brasil Airbus A320, performing flight from Rio de Janeiro Galeao to Florianopolis, landed on Florianopolis’ runway 14 but struck its tail onto the runway surface. The aircraft rolled out without further incident and taxied to the apron maintaining routine communication. There were no injuries. A runway inspection revealed evidence of a tail strike. A […]

LATAM Brazil A320 at Sao Paulo Rejected Takeoff Due to Engine Failure

Reading Time: < 1 minute A LATAM Airlines Brasil Airbus A320-200, registration PT-MZY performing flight JJ-3264 from Sao Paulo Congonhas,SP to Belo Horizonte,MG (Brazil) with 131 passengers and 6 crew, was accelerating the engines for takeoff from Congonhas Airport’s runway 17R at about 18:48L (21:48Z) when the right hand engine (V2527) failed after about 3 seconds and an engine fire […]