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Report: China’s Military Capabilities Are Growing at a Shocking Speed

Reading Time: 4 minutes China’s military is developing ships, submarines, aircraft, intelligence systems and foreign bases in a bid to become a global military power, according to a forthcoming congressional China commission report. The late draft of the annual report by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission contains a chapter on Beijing’s power projection development and warns that […]

Russia About to Receive Three Il-22PP Electronic Warfare Aircraft

Reading Time: < 1 minute Russia’s Defense Ministry will receive three Ilyushin Il-22PP electronic countermeasures planes with the advanced Porubshchik electronic warfare and reconnaissance system in the imminent future, Managing Director of the Experimental Machine-Building Plant Alexander Gorbunov said. The Experimental Machine-Building Plant is the producer of the Il-22PP plane. “A prototype Il-22PP plane has passed state trials. Recommendations have […]