Thai Airways Airbus A350 Rejects Take-off

Photo: Atsushi Fukui

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A Thai Airways Airbus A350-900, performing flight from Melbourne (Australia) to Bangkok (Thailand), rejected takeoff.

Aircraft was accelerating for takeoff from Melbourne’s runway 16 when the crew rejected takeoff at low speed, vacated the runway via the first high speed turnoff about 1800 meters/5900 feet down the runway and returned to the apron.

A passenger reported the flight was already delayed by about 5-6 hours due to an engine (Trent XWB) problem. The aircraft subsequently taxied for departure but needed to reject takeoff and returned to the apron. All about 400 passengers needed to disembark. The aircraft was repaired and departed with about 160 passengers remaining and 27 hours delay.

The aircraft was able to depart the following day about 20.5 hours after the rejected takeoff and reached Bangkok with a delay of about 27 hours.