Thai Airways Will Purchase 30 Aircraft by 2025



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Thai Airways is planning to acquire from 20 to 30 aircraft by 2025 to consolidate its fleet.

According to Bangkok-based newspaper The Nation, an unnamed source said the new aircraft would replace sold and decommissioned aircraft. The same source revealed that the airline expects travel demand to recover to the pre-pandemic levels by 2025. The 30 new airplanes could cost the carrier up to 100 billion baht.

“The plan to buy new planes would be submitted to the Central Bankruptcy Court on March 2 along with THAI’s business rehabilitation plan, subject to approval by its creditors,” added the source.

Thai Aircraft Trading currently lists the following 42 aircraft for sale:

10 x Boeing 747-400s

12 x Boeing 777-200s

6 x Boeing 777-300s

2 x Boeing 737-400s

2 x Airbus A380-800s

3 x Airbus A340-500s

6 x Airbus A340-600s

1 x Airbus A300-600

In July 2018, Thai Airways wanted to pursue a similar aircraft acquisition plan. The airline was looking to buy 23 new planes worth approximately $3 billion. In 2017, the airline was also making statements about purchasing 30 additional aircraft.

Source: The Nation