The 10 Best and Worst Airlines


AirHelp, which offers legal assistance to passengers filing claims against airlines for delayed flights, has released a global ranking of the 10 best — and worst — airlines in the world.

From long delays to cramped seats, flying can be an unpleasant experience. The airline you fly with, however, can make a huge difference. To find the most and least efficient airlines, AirHelp analysed 34 airlines using three key criteria:

  • Quality performance, based on data from airline review site evaluating the airline product, as well as a rating of the airline experience both onboard and at airports.
  • Delay time, which considers how many flights were on time in the last quarter of 2015.
  • Claim processing, which looks at the airlines’ number of wrongfully rejected compensation claims per quarter, and the amount of time it takes airlines to respond to, handle, and pay out a claim.

Each flight company was given a rating out of 10 under the above categories, with the average of these three ratings given as an overall AirHelp score.

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These are the world’s 10 best airlines, followed by each carrier’s country and AirHelp score. (Note that airlines with the same overall score are tied.)

  • Finnair – Finland: 7.8
  • British Airways – United Kingdom: 7.8
  • Croatia Airlines – Croatia: 7.9
  • Emirates – United Arab Emirates: 7.9
  • Air Canada – Canada: 8
  • Lufthansa German Airlines – Germany: 8.2
  • Air France – France: 8.2
  • Air Baltic Corporation – Latvia: 8.2
  • KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines – Netherlands: 8.5
  • Qatar Airways – Qatar: 8.9

Now here are the world’s 10 worst airlines, followed by each carrier’s country and AirHelp score. (Again, airlines with the same overall scores are tied.)

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle – Norway: 7.1
  • Icelandair – Iceland: 7
  • Alitalia – Compagnia Aerea Italiana Spa – Italy: 7
  • Iberia – Spain: 7
  • Aer Lingus – Ireland: 6.8
  • TAP Portugal – Portugal: 6.8
  • Swiss International Air Lines – Switzerland: 6.4
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways – United Kingdom: 6.2
  • easyJet – United Kingdom: 5.8
  • Sata International – Portugal: 5.2