The US Relaxes Its European Travel Ban in November



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From November 2021, the US will likely lift its ban on travel from Europe to the States.

For 18 months, only US citizens, immediate family members and those on a shortlist of exemptions have been allowed to enter the US from the EU and UK.

Now, President Biden has announced the repealing of the ban, which will come into force in November. The move marks the end of a challenging period for businesses and families separated for such a long time.

The UK prime minister, Boris Johnson, commented on Twitter: „I am delighted that from November, @POTUS is reinstating transatlantic travel so fully vaccinated UK nationals can visit the USA. It’s a fantastic boost for business and trade, and great that family and friends on both sides of the pond can be reunited once again.“

The foreigners wishing to visit the US will be required to be double vaccinated or follow testing procedures.

Source: Reuters