Third MC-21-300 Flight Test Aircraft Construction Completed

Photo: Irkut Corporation

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Irkut Corporation (a UAC member) completed construction of the third MC-21-300, intended for flight tests. On December 25, the aircraft was transferred from the final assembly shop to the flight test unit of Irkutsk aviation plant.

  • Testing results of the first MC-21-300 aircraft passing certification tests were taken into account in the production of the new aircraft.
  • The components and units of the fourth flight test aircraft are being assembled at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant.
  • Currently, two MC-21-300 aircraft are taking part in flight certification tests at the airfield of Flight Test Institute named after M.M. Gromov.
  • The aircraft for static testing is tested in Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI). In December, the MC-21-300 aircraft fuselage was delivered here, which, after assembling the airframe, will join endurance tests.

Source: Irkut Corporation