Thirteen Soldiers Killed in Turkish Military Helicopter Crash

Photo: @ Dogan News Agency / Sekvan Kuden via REUTERS

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Turkish military officials have announced that an AS 532 Cougar military helicopter got entangled in high-voltage power lines, leading to a crash that killed thirteen Turkish military personnel.

The crash occurred at about 7:40 PM local time, just three minutes after take-off.

It took place near the town of Uludere in the Senoba district of Sirnak Province, less than 40 miles from Turkey’s border with Iraq.

@ Dogan News Agency / Sekvan Kuden via REUTERS

The military claims that a general was among those killed, along with two colonels and four lower-ranking officers, reported Turkish news agency IHA.

Turkish military forces are embroiled in conflict with Kurdish PKK militants who are based out of Sirnak’s mountain ranges.