Toxic Fumes Injure 5 on Spirit Airlines A320 Flight

Photo: jbp274

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A Spirit Airlines Airbus A320-200, performing flight from Philadelphia to Las Vegas (USA) with 71 people on board, reported toxic fumes on board, 3 passengers and 2 cabin crew injured.

  • Aircraft was enroute at FL380 about 150nm east of Denver (USA) when the flight crew donned their oxygen masks reporting fumes on board and diverted to Denver and requested medical services to await the aircraft on landing.
  • The aircraft landed on runway 16L about 30 minutes later and taxied to the gate with the flight crew still on their oxygen masks.
  • Three passengers and two cabin crew reported feeling ill.
  • Emergency services attending to the aircraft detected carbon monoxide on board of the aircraft and treated all five injured at the gate.
  • The passengers refused transport to a hospital, the two cabin crew were taken to the hospital.
  • A replacement A321-200 reached Las Vegas with a delay of about 3 hours.