Travel Service Boeing 737 Goes Off the Runway


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A Travel Service Boeing 737-900 on behalf of Smartwings, performing flight from Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) to Prague (Czech Republic) with 40 passengers and 7 crew, went off the runway.

  • Aircraft was taxiing northbound along taxiway 14 between the two runways at about 14:15L (11:15Z) and was about to line up runway 24C when the aircraft went off the runway and became stuck on soft ground between the runways forcing the closure of both runways.
  • There were no injuries. The passengers disembarked onto soft ground and were taken to the terminal.
  • The airline reported the incident did not take place during departure or landing, but while taxiing when the aircraft turned onto the runway.
  • The airline later reported the captain rejected take-off due to asymmetric acceleration of engines.