Turbulence Injures 15 People on Argentinas A330 Flight

Photo: BriYYZ

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An Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus A330-200, performing flight from Miami (USA) to Buenos Aires Ezeiza (Argentina) with 192 passengers, suffered severe turbulence causing injuries to 15 passengers.

Aircraft was enroute about 90nm north of Rio Branco (Brazil) deviating around thunderstorm cells when the aircraft encountered severe turbulence causing an altitude deviation of more than -700 feet and +1500 feet.

The captain subsequently reported 10 to 15 injuries on board of the aircraft and requested medical services available upon arrival in Buenos Aires.

The aircraft continued to Buenos Aires for a safe landing about 3:55 hours later. Medical services already awaited the aircraft and treated the injured, 8 passengers were taken to a hospital.

The airline reported the aircraft was in cruise flight when it encountered turbulence causing minor injuries to 15 passengers, 8 of which were transported to a hospital for further checks after arrival in Buenos Aires.

Source: avherald.com

Source: avherald.com