Turbulence Injures 29 People on Volaris Airbus A320 Flight

Photo: Airbus

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A Volaris Airbus A320-200, performing flight from Guadalajara to Tijuana (Mexico) with 179 people on board, was enroute from Los Mochis (Mexico) when the aircraft experienced Clear Air Turbulence (CAT),leaving some Clients and Crew members injured.

The aircraft continued to Tijuana for a safe landing about 90 minutes later.

When the Captain informed about what happened on board, medical and paramedical personnel moved to the Tijuana airport, as well as Volaris personnel, to meet the needs of each of the Clients and Crew.

The airline reported that following the instructions of the medical staff, 12 clients were transferred to hospital centers for a review and were discharged a few hours after their admission.

Two of the flight attendants were treated and are in recovery.

Source: avherald.com