Turbulence Injures 4 on the Batik B739 Flight to Jakarta

Photo: Donni Kurniawan

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A Batik Air Boeing 737-900, registration PK-LBJ performing flight ID-6575 from Surabaya to Jakarta (Indonesia), was climbing through FL230 out of Surabaya when the aircraft encountered turbulence causing minor injuries to two passengers and two cabin crew.

The flight crew continued the climb to FL340 and landed the aircraft safely at destination about 60 minutes after departure. The four injured were taken to a hospital.

The airline reported the aircraft encountered unexepcted clear air turbulence while climbing through FL230 (about 39nm northwest of Surabaya), one passenger received minor injuries, another passenger suffered a shock, two cabin crew received minor injuries, too. All of them were taken to a hospital and are still in treatment.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground about 7.5 hours after landing in Jakarta.

Source: avherald.com