Turbulence Injures Four on ANA Boeing 787 Flight

Photo: Toshi Aoki - JP Spotters

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An ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8, registration JA808A performing flight NH-963 from Tokyo Haneda (Japan) to Beijing (China) with 225 people on board, was descending through about 5500 meters (FL180) towards Beijing when the crew illuminated the fasten seat belt signs.

Shortly afterwards the aircraft encountered turbulence causing serious injuries to four people on board. The aircraft continued for a safe landing on Beijing’s runway 01 about 30 minutes later. The injured were taken to hospitals. It became known a lady (60) was diagnosed with the fracture of her right instep.

Japan’s Ministry of Transport reported, the aircraft was descending through 5500 meters about 140km (76nm) northeast of Beijing on Aug 15th 2019 when the aircraft was shaken. Two passengers and two flight attendants received serious injuries.

Source: avherald.com