Turkish Airlines Stores 30 Aircraft Amid Weaker Demand and Coup Attempt

Turkish Airlines
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Turkey’s flagship carrier Turkish Airlines will store 30 aircraft due to weaker economic demand, recent terror attacks and a failed coup attempt.

A total of 15 Turkish Airlines aircraft will be stored at Antalya Airport (THY), website Airporthaber reports. 13 Airbus A330 and 2 Boeing 737-800. 4 Airbus A320 are currently parked at Ankara airport.

Furthermore Turkish Airlines will cancel 22 destinations (17 of them International): Batna and Tlemcen (Algeria), Alborg (Denmark), Bordeaux (France), Karlsruhe-Baden, Freidrichshafen and Münster (Germany), Kermanshah in Iran, Genoa and Pisa (Italy), Aqaba in Jordan, Osh in Kyrgyzstan, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Kano in Nigeria, al-Qassim in Saudi Arabia, Khujand in Tajikistan and Ivano-Frankivsk in Ukraine.

Source: luchtzak.be