United Boeing 767 Rejects Take-off Due to Bird Strike

Photo: Germain Chérot

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A United Boeing 767-300, performing flight from Geneva (Switzerland) to Newark (USA), rejected take-off due to bird strike.

  • Aircraft was accelerating for take-off from Geneva’s runway 05 when the crew rejected take-off at high speed (about 130 knots over ground) following a bird strike into one of the engines (PW4060).
  • The aircraft slowed safely, vacated the runway and stopped on the adjacent taxiway, emergency services responded.
  • Two flights were instructed to go around as result of the rejected take-off and the needed runway inspection.
  • The aircraft was towed to the apron about 90 minutes after the rejected take-off.
  • The flight was cancelled.

Source: avherald.com