United Feels Prepared For the Summer Season

Photo: @ Getty

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Since the end of last summer, United Airlines has been preparing for this summer’s busy flying season, which kicks off June 1.

“I think we’re better prepared this summer than I’ve ever seen us prepared, so I’m conservatively having a very positive outlook on what our performance will be,” says Don Wright, VP maintenance operations.

From a maintenance perspective, he cites having a single collective bargaining agreement with mechanics, which they approved in December, as a big benefit because “we are able to blend the team and work as a team.” Having just finished putting all of the merged airline’s aircraft, with the exception of the Boeing 787s, in one logbook system also greatly simplifies processes and efficiencies. In addition, “we’ve seen good progress on our reliability initiatives, so I feel we have win in our sails right now,” says Wright.

“We’ll be flying hard in the summer—that’s what we do. This is our Super Bowl. So for us, getting everyone pulling at the same time is important.

Source: mro-network.com