UPS Adds 400 Dangerous Goods To Fly List Due To Demand

Photo: Bjorn Wylezich

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UPS has announced it is ready to handle a wider range of higher-risk goods with the addition of 400 ‘dangerous’ commodities onto its fly-list for its global air network. The express giant has also increased the size of allowable shipments.

The newly added items include chemicals to clean laboratory equipment, paint, compressed gases, adhesives and batteries. UPS can now help these businesses trading these commodities ship between 36 countries.

Demand for shipments of products that are classified as dangerous goods prompted UPS to change its internal policies.

“UPS helps companies meet strict and often complex requirements when shipping dangerous goods,” said Teresa Finley, UPS chief marketing officer. “Now we can meet our customers’ expanded needs for a one-stop solution to ship both conventional and dangerous goods.”

UPS has technology applications to simplify shipping packages that meet guidelines issued by the International Air Transport Association, the U.S. Department of Transportation, the European Dangerous Goods Accord, and the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations.

The move comes almost a year after UPS was involved in an incident that required nine employees to be decontaminated after a chemical spill. The Federal Aviation Administration fined US $350,000 for shipping prohibited and dangerous goods by air.