Ural Airlines A320 Mobile Stairs Collapse During Boarding

Photo: Mikhail Glazyrin

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An Ural Airlines Airbus A320-200, performing flight from Barnaul to Moscow Domodedovo (Russia), platform of stairs collapses during boarding.

  • Aircraft was boarding via a mobile stair with a number of people waiting on its platform to walk through the cabin door when the platform collapsed causing the passengers to fall down onto the apron.
  • West Siberia’s Transport Prosecutor’s Office reported 6 people received non-life threatening injuries, 4 of them were taken to a hospital. A criminal case was opened into the accident.
  • West Siberia’s Investigation Department of Transport reported a criminal case was opened due to provision of services not meeting the safety requirements for life and health of consumers, when the stairs collapsed causing injuries of varying degrees to 4 passengers taken to a hospital.
  • The remaining passengers departed with a delay of about 2 hours.


Source: avherald.com