Vietnam Airlines Expects Approval to Operate Direct Flights to the US

Vietnam Airlines


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Vietnam Airlines is waiting for the US government approval to operate direct flights to the US. The flights would serve the repatriation needs of the Vietnamese.

Vietnam Airlines has previously operated 12 repatriation flights, and now it sees demand for regular direct flights to be scheduled. The plan has been approved by the Board of Directors of Vietnam Airlines, and the US government will have the last word to say.

At the moment, there are no non-stop routes between Vietnam and the US. Passengers have to go through East Asia, which takes them between 18-21 hours. If Vietnam Airlines starts providing scheduled international services, it will be possible to reduce this time by 4-6 hours.

Apart from having Boeing 787-10 in its fleet, the carrier also flies Boeing 787-9 aircraft suitable for long-haul flights.

The commercial flights might include those from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to San Francisco, Seattle, or Los Angeles. The West Coast is more likely to get flights to Asia non-stop.