Vietnam Changes Rules on Stored Aircraft Maintenance

Photo: Flickr

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The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) has published new rules concerning aircraft storage, requiring airlines to reactivate their parked aircraft more often.

To reduce the risk of technical issues after the aircraft is pulled out of storage, operators will have to put a parked airplane in service at least once a month. Airlines will now rotate between the flying and parked aircraft to ensure no plane sits idle for long, which may cause structural deterioration, instrumentation damage, etc.

According to, all 27 Bamboo Airways aircraft are in service, whereas Vietnam Airlines has parked 24 out of its total of 99 planes. VietJet has parked 22 out of its 71 aircraft.

Other regulators might follow Vietnam’s example and change their policies regarding maintaining parked aircraft too. However, this is unlikely to happen in the US or China any time soon as they have too many surplus aircraft, and it would be challenging to implement this type of change.

Source: CAAV