Vietnamese Jetstar Pacific Back to Old Name: Pacific Airlines

Photo: Huy Thoai /

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Jetstar Pacific is set to reborn as Pacific Airlines again. Why again? Upon all the approvals, after almost 12 years, the low-cost carrier will return to its original brand name.

The closer synergy with its major owner Vietnam Airlines (70 per cent of shares) is expected to “unlock economies of scale and help the industry to embark on a post COVID-19 recovery”.

“Low-cost carriers will play a certain role in supporting the return of travel as restrictions ease, and by streamlining functions, Pacific Airlines can remain competitive, inherit many of the efficiencies of Vietnam Airlines…,” said Trinh Hong Quang, Vietnam Airlines Executive Vice President and Pacific Airlines Chairman.

In addition, the airline will change its reservation system from Navitaire to Sabre, to better align with Vietnam Airlines bookings, network and customer functions.

Also, the changes have been approved with Qantas, which owns 30 per cent of the budget carrier.

“With a highly competitive domestic market in Vietnam and the disruption caused by the coronavirus, the time is right to take advantage of the strength and scale of Vietnam Airlines in its home market,” commented Gareth Evans, Qantas Group Executive and Jetstar Group CEO.

VNA and Qantas continue to review the low-cost carrier’s structure and future shareholding arrangements.

Some rumours circulating on the media reveal that Qantas will sell its stake in the carrier to Vietnam Airlines.