Vueling and Ural Aircraft Runway Incursion at Barcelona

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While one aircraft was about to take-off, the other came into conflict on a crossing runway at Barcelona Airport. ATC defused the situation.

At about down, the Vueling Airbus A320 was lining up on runway 07R(right) , while the Ural Airlines Airbus A321 was on final approach to runway 02 with landing clearance already received.

According to information provided by the Aviation Herald, the Vueling pilots set take-off power and commenced their take-off run without being cleared to.

Realizing the potantial conflict situation, tower personnel quickly issued radioed a stopping command to the Vueling which was followed immediately and the Airbus A320 came to a stop well before the extended centreline of runway 02.

The Russian Airbus landed safely while the A320 took off normally from runway 07R about five minutes later.

The Vueling pilots were instructed to line-up runway 07R and wait‘ and had acknowledged the instruction.

This incident marks the 3rd ground conflict invoving crossing runways at Barcelona-El Prat Airport within 2 years.