Warsaw Chopin Airport Was Temporarily Closed Due to Bomb Threat


Photo: shutterstock.com

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On April 21, Poland’s Warsaw Chopin Airport was temporarily closed after a bomb threat to an Emirates flight from Dubai. Emirates EK177 was flying to Warsaw Chopin Airport when it received a message from air traffic control about “hazardous materials” onboard. Further in the conversation with the controller, the pilot was informed it was a bomb threat.

The Boeing 777-31H(ER), registration A6-ENX, landed safely at 1940 local time (1740 UTC) and taxied to a remote part of the airport. Onboard Boeing 777, there were more than 230 passengers, including the crew.

The threat to Emirates EK177 is not the only incident involving Warsaw Chopin. On March 20, the airport was closed after receiving a bomb threat to a Wizz Air flight from Kutaisi, Georgia, to Warsaw. Incoming flights were diverted to Katowice Airport, and the alarm turned out to be false.

Source: https://www.aviation24.be/