Which Airlines Are the Safest for Travelling in 2020?

Photo: sarah1810 / sutterstock.com

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Everyone knows that safety is the primary matter in aviation, both employees of the industry and travelling public. Thus, AirlineRatings.com has already compiled the list of TOP 20 safest airlines for 2020.

Qantas is an unbeatable leader with no fatal accidents record. Nevertheless, the flag carrier of Australia is not the only safe airline to pick for a flight.

According to AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas, the site, which monitors 405 different airlines, only looks at serious incidents in making its determinations. Each airline experiences various incidents daily, but not all are the fails of the airline. Everything depends on the way, the carrier handles the situation.

The list has some new entrants. Meanwhile, such players as British Airways, ANA, American Airline, United, Japan Airlines or Delta have been ranked lower, and correspondingly, did not appear on the the list of 20 safest.