Which Aviation Training Centre in Europe Was Voted the Best?

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Aviation training is a very important stage in the career of all the aviation-related people: flight crew members, flight dispatchers, air traffic controllers, maintenance personnel and many others.

Therefore, in order to have good theoretical and practical preparation and be confident that your professional skills match the requirements, it is important to carefully choose the aviation training centre that would meet all your needs and fulfil the expectations.

In the beginning of February Aviation Voice suggested you taking the vote for the aviation training centre which is worth to be called the best in Europe. Now it is the time to reveal the results which might significantly contribute to the choice of the future aviation students.

CAE Oxford Aviation Academy

The final results show that CAE Oxford Aviation Academy is a flight school that is worth to be chosen and called the best, as over 40% of the votes were in favour of this academy, 42.3%.
The aviation academy primarily focuses its attention on training young pilots with no previous flight experience.

Therefore, it also offers a wide range of training courses to enhance cadets’ skills and qualifications for their chosen pilot career. This training can range from the enhancement of jet handling skills to qualification as a flight instructor.

BAA Training

Depending on the results of the voting, one of the first class training centres in Europe is BAA Training, which gained 23.2% of all votes. It is the European standard aviation training centre, where the experience of tailored training solutions is wrapped in the personal care.

BAA Training counts more than 20 years of experience in aviation training and offers many training solutions that are the driving force behind the safer aviation industry: Ab Initio, Type Rating pilot training, Cabin Crew training, Ground Handling and many more.

Airbus Training Centre

According to the number of votes, Airbus Training Centre is awarded one of the highest places, as it counted 10.3 % of all votes.

Airbus Training Centre offers a great variety of quality aviation training and ensures worldwide training availability: customers are able to choose where, when and how to do their training.

This flight school offers over 300 training courses for all aircraft types and personnel profiles: pilots, cabin crew, flight operations and performance engineers, maintenance staff, structure and repair specialists.

Lufthansa Flight Training

The list of the best aviation training centres in Europe also consists of Lufthansa Flight Training, which received 6% of the votes.

The flight school which partners with more than 200 airlines provides many different training that include Ab Initio Pilot Training, Cockpit Training, Cabin Training and Business Training.

In addition to its cockpit and cabin crew training portfolio, Lufthansa Flight Training is also continually modernizing and expanding its fleet of full-flight simulators.

CTC Aviation

This year celebrating 25 years of delivering the core business activities, CTC Aviation, which counted 3.2% of all votes, is among the best flight schools in Europe, too.

CTC Aviation offers training programmes to airlines managers, aspiring airlines pilots, qualified airlines pilots and executive jet owners.

The training centre has many training facilities not only in Europe but also in US and New Zealand. Undoubtedly this conducts to the attraction of more students from various countries.

Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile

ENAC is one of the best aeronautics and aviation universities in Europe providing a broad range of training, studies and research activities, which gained 2.4% of all votes.

ENAC provides a comprehensive range of 28 higher education programs. Also, it offers many programmes for pilots with a lot of flying experience as well as for those who have not have started building their flight hours yet; it also provides with training personnel operating on the ground and taking care of those who fly high above.

Flying Academy

Flying Academy is a European flight school authorized by the FAA and EASA that provides a high standard of flight training gained 1.3% of the votes.

Flying Academy’s mission is to create professional, safety conscious flight crew members who function effectively and are thoroughly equipped for the challenges of employment opportunities as a corporate pilot or first officer and captains of airlines around the world.


Cockpit4u, which had 1.2% of all votes, is placed among the best flight schools in Europe as well. This training centre offers both initial and recurrent training for pilots from all around the world – from London to Singapore.

The training centre has its simulators not only in Europe but also in the US what considerably increases the popularity of the centre among the international students.

Nevertheless, there were participants who decided that the list of training centres provided by Aviation Voice is not supplemented with training centres they consider to be the best in Europe. We eagerly encourage them to share with us the names of these flight schools to extend our list and offer you a greater choice!