Wizz Air to Stand Out and Take 15 New Airbus Aircraft in 2020?

Wizz Air

Photo: Wizz Air

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While aviation is in its worst crisis, while hundreds of aircraft are parked on the runways for indefinite time, while airlines are sending older plane types into early retirement, some airlines are still determined to stick to the aircraft delivery schedules. One of such carriers seems to be Wizz Air.

According to Bloomberg, one of the biggest low cost airlines in Europe will take in 15 new Airbus aircraft in 2020 and will continue receiving the remaining hundreds of planes on order later on. This information has been confirmed to Bloomberg by József Váradi, the CEO of Wizz Air.

Although currently Wizz Air has cut its capacity by 90% and is mainly operating rescue, repatriation and cargo-only flights, Váradi reveals that the carrier can survive this crisis and is getting ready to grab expansion opportunities after the pandemic is over.

Wizz Air has also applied a number of cost-cutting measures, including employee pay reduction and zero salary for TOP executives.

Therefore, the decision to accept new Airbus aircraft seems to be very brave and positions the carrier as a strong player even in hard times, keeping in mind that numerous airlines are pushing back the deliveries or even cancelling the existing orders.

Apart from that, many older aircraft types are expected to be phased out ahead of schedules. Mainly this concerns such types as Boeing 747, 757, 767 or Airbus A380. Unfortunately, not all grounded planes will take off again after the health crisis ends and travel restrictions are lifted.