14 Turbulence-Injured Aeroflot Passengers Remain in Hospital

Photo: 360tv.ru

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A total of 14 passengers traveling by Russia’s Aeroflot airlines from Moscow to Bangkok and injured due to turbulence remain in hospital, Aeroflot Airlines said in a statement on Monday.

The plane was hit by short-term severe turbulence earlier in the day. After the aircraft landed in Bangkok, all the injured passengers were taken to the hospital. Representatives of the airline and the Russian Embassy are present in the hospital.

“There were 313 passengers on the board, 25 of them were transferred to medical facilities in Bangkok. Currently, eleven passengers have already been discharged from the hospital,” the company said.

Aeroflot also refuted allegations that some of the passengers received a compression fracture of the spine, citing medical staff in the hospital.

According to the statement, the aircraft was navigated by experienced pilots, while the plane got into the so-called clear-air turbulence, which is impossible to predict.

Source: sputniknews.com