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Over 400 Pilots in Russia Suspended After Prosecutors’ Checks

Reading Time: 1 minute More than 400 air pilots were suspended last year following prosecutors’ checks, Prosecutor-General Yuri Chaika told the Prosecutor-General’s Office board meeting on Tuesday. “In order to ease the role of human errors in air crashes we continued inspections of civil aviation flight schools. A total of 425 air pilots were suspended until the elimination of […]

Irkutsk’s Regional Administration Takes Control of Troubled IrAero

Reading Time: 2 minutes Under its Corporation for the Development of Irkutsk Region (CDIR) objective, the administration of the Irkutsk region, which is a south-eastern Siberia-located federal jurisdiction of Russia, has agreed to step in and take a 51 per cent controlling interest in the financially-troubled Irkutsk-based private carrier IrAero Airlines. The effort to save IrAero has also found […]

Sukhoi Superjet 100: Gloomy Future in Europe?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Recently the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100), Russia’s regional aircraft, has been surrounded with great uncertainty. Difficulties with after-sales support of the jet, unclear situation with the European customers and other issues have brought the Russian aircraft into sharp focus. In the end of 2018 it was revealed that the only European SSJ100 customer CityJet, an Irish […]

Russia Allocates 10.5 Billion Roubles For MC-21

Reading Time: 1 minute The MC-21, Russia’s advanced narrow-body airliner programme, remains under the close supervision of the country’s government, which is also continuing to contribute sponsorship funds directly from the federal budget. The latest allocation of state funds authorised by government decree and which came into effect on February 6, is in line with the government’s aim to […]

RECORD | Russia Reaches 1,681 Million Flights in 2018

Reading Time: 1 minute The air traffic intensity in Russia increased by 9.8% in 2018 and reached record-breaking 1.681 million flights, the Russian aviation authority Rosaviatsiya reported. “The traffic in upper airspace of the Russian Federation reached the record level of 1.681 million flights [of Russian and foreign airlines – TASS] in 12 months of 2018; growth versus the […]

CIS Commercial Airliner Fleet to Double by 2037

Reading Time: 1 minute According to an updated 20-year aircraft demand forecast for Russia and CIS, presented by Airbus, the region’s airlines will need some 1,220 new passenger airliners costing a total of $175 billion up to 2037. The Airbus estimates show that the collective fleet operating in the region will double from the existing 857 to 1,700 aircraft. […]

Russia Curtails Production of the Antonov An-148 Regional Jet

Reading Time: 1 minute Russia’s Voronezh Aircraft Production Association (VASO) has announced the production flight testing of the last of the batch of Ukrainian-designed Antonov An-148-100 regional jets for the Russian Defence Ministry. The aircraft is the 15th and final of the series of An-148s produced under contract for the Ministry. Once the final aircraft completes testing and is […]

Yakutia Superjet Slides off Runway Injuring Four Passengers

Reading Time: 1 minute Yakutia Sukhoi Superjet 100, operating from Ulan-Ude to Yakutsk carrying 91 passengers and 5 crew members, has suffered a runway excursion and apparent landing-gear collapse. Four passengers requested medical assistance. A criminal investigation has been launched into the incident, which forced the airport to shut down between 3:20am and 10:30am on Thursday.

EU and Russia Consult on Flight Safety for Russian Airlines

Reading Time: 1 minute Representatives of the European Union and Russia have held consultations in Brussels on issues of flight safety for Russian aircraft to member countries in the Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) program, Russia’s Permanent Mission to the EU said on Friday. “On October 5, 2018, Russia-EU bilateral technical consultations were held in Brussels on issues […]

UTair Boeing 737 Skids off the Runway and Slids into Riverbed

Reading Time: 1 minute Early on Saturday, UTair-operated Boeing 737, going from Moscow, skidded off the runway during rough landing in the Russian city of Sochi, slid into a river and eventually caught fire. The aircraft was evacuated, 18 occupants were injured, the others remained unhurt, one airport worker died of a heart attack. The aircraft received substantial damage beyond […]