27 People Become Sick In Flight of Boeing 787 in Orlando

Photo: @ planespotters.net / Roger Lockwood

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A Thomson Airways Boeing 787-800, registration G-TUIH performing flight BY-375 from Orlando Sanford,FL (USA) to Bristol,EN (UK) with 287 people on board, was climbing out of Orlando Sanford when the crew stopped the climb at 15,000 feet reporting two flight attendants had become sick reporting nausea and dizzy.

The aircraft dumped fuel and returned to Orlando Sanford for a safe landing on runway 09L about 45 minutes after departure. 27 people in total required medical treatment at the airport, 4 were taken to hospital.

The airport reported a total of 27 people required medical attention at the airport, it remained unclear what caused the illness. 4 of them were taken to hospitals. A hazmat team checked the cabin air but did not find anything abnormal.

The flight was postponed to the following day.

A replacement Boeing 787-800 registration G-TUIF, scheduled to perform flight BY-743 to Glasgow,SC (UK), resumed the flight and delivered the passengers to Bristol with a delay of about 24 hours.

The occurrence aircraft remained on the ground for about 23 hours and performed flight BY-743 departing Orlando with a delay of about 70 minutes.

Source: avherald.com