50 Fokker Aircraft Transactions in 2015

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Fokker Technologies, a division of GKN Aerospace, announces that a total of 50 Fokker aircraft were sold to 10 existing Fokker operators and 3 new operators during 2015 by their respective aircraft owners. These comprise 5 Fokker 50s, 20 Fokker 70s and 25 Fokker 100s.

‘Low operating costs, comprehensive support and more flexible Rolls-Royce Tay engine support solutions remain the drivers behind all of the deals last year’, says Fokker Services’ Director of Aircraft Remarketing Peter van Oostrum

Australasia is fast becoming the region with the largest Fokker population. Fokker operator Air Niugini, from Papua New Guinea, purchased an ex-Vietnam Airlines Fokker 70 through Jalux and is in the process of adding 7 KLM Cityhopper Fokker 70s. Virgin Australia Regional Airlines bought 2 more Fokker 100s making a total of 15. At the same time, Network Aviation, a Qantas subsidiary, also purchased 2 more Fokker 100s making a fleet of 14 Fokker 100s.

Finally, in November Alliance announced its purchase of all 6 Fokker 70s and 15 Fokker 100s from Austrian Airlines. These aircraft will be delivered to Alliance over the next couple of years. These transactions raise the total number of Fokker aircraft in the region to over 90. The aircraft are increasingly being used on regular passenger routes, in addition to more traditional fly-in, fly-out routes in support of natural resources’ industries.

Latin America’s Fokker presence has also increased significantly as Air Panamá took delivery of 3 more Fokker 100s and Caribbean based airline Insel Air purchased 5 Fokker 70s from KLM Cityhopper.

Kazakhstan’s Bek Air added 1 more Fokker 100 to its fleet, making a total of 7, serving both scheduled and charter routes. An undisclosed, new Fokker operator in Central Asia purchased 2 Fokker 50s.

In South Africa, Golden Wings took ownership of the Fokker 70 that was previously leased. CAA Congo (DRC) added 2 Fokker 50s to its fleet while and Rudufu from Kenya purchased 1 Fokker 50.

In Europe Spanish start-up Sky City purchased its first Fokker 100 while Avanti, from Germany, is adding a second Fokker 100 to its fleet.
Fokker does not sell nor lease Fokker aircraft. Rather, it facilitates placements by sellers and lessors through its FLYFokker program and remarketing services, in addition to providing comprehensive support to Fokker aircraft operators throughout the world.

At present there are close to 500 Fokker aircraft operational across the world. The Fokker aircraft have earned a reputation for advanced technology, comfort, operational reliability, low noise levels and durability. Many consider the Fokker aircraft among the best mid-size aircraft ever built.

Source: Fokker Press Release