Watch Air Astana Airbus A320 Suffers Runway Excursion on Landing


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Air Astana Airbus A320 was performing flight from Shymkent to Astana with 97 passengers and 9 crew, when the aircraft landed but went right off the runway temporarily, crossed taxiways B and C and returned onto the center line of the runway.

There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained damage to the left hand engine inlet.

Thunderstorms associated with winds gusting up to 49 knots were battering the city at that time causing a building crane to collapse, houses being unroofed and about 20 people on the ground being injured.

Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Department reported the aircraft went off the runway during roll out at 13:22L. The aircraft was towed to the apron. The airport was closed for about 40 minutes as result.