Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 Crashes in Texas


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An Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 freighter on behalf of Amazon Prime, performing flight from Miami to Houston Intercontinental (USA) with 3 crew, plunged out of the sky and crashed into a Texas bay.

  • Aircraft was on approach to Houston in contact with Houston Approach, routine communication, when radio and radar contact with the aircraft was lost about 30nm southeast of Houston Intercontinental Airport at about 12:40L (18:40Z).
  • Approach called the aircraft once without response at about 18:40z and again at 18:47Z, at 18:47Z ATC queried “how do you read?” In the following approach queried several other aircraft on approach whether they were able to see the aircraft somewhere (on the ground), all negative responses.
  • The aircraft was found near position N29.7636 W94.7145 having impacted the waters of Trinity Bay about 1.5nm northwest of Anahuac’s Bayside Community Hospital.
  • Local Police reported the aircraft was located in Trinity Bay near Anahuac,TX (USA). Rescue and Recovery services are on their way to the wreckage. The Sheriff characterized the site as total devastation, he does not believe anyone could possibly have survived. Eye witnesses reported the aircraft went in nose first.
  • The NTSB dispatched a Go-Team to investigate the crash of a cargo jet near Baytown,TX. In a very first brief preliminary statement the NTSB reported the aircraft was in a descent characterized normal, when at 6300 feet it began what the NTSB characterizes a very rapid descent. A simultaneous loss of radar and radio contact occurred.