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Asia Airways Antonov AN-26 Runs out of Fuel

Reading Time: 1 minute An Asia Airways Antonov AN-26 freighter, registration EY-322 performing a positioning flight from Djibouti (Djibouti) to Khartoum (Sudan) with 2 crew, ran out of fuel about 40nm short of Khartoum Airport and was forced to land in open terrain. There were no injuries, the aircraft sustained substantial damage however.

Atlas Air Crash: Reason in Loss of Control?

Reading Time: 2 minutes An Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 freighter on behalf of Amazon Prime, with 3 crew, was on approach to Houston in contact with Houston Approach, routine communication, when radio and radar contact with the aircraft was lost. The aircraft was found having impacted the waters of Trinity Bay about 1.5nm northwest of Anahuac’s Bayside Community Hospital. […]

Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 Crashes in Texas

Reading Time: 1 minute An Atlas Air Boeing 767-300 freighter on behalf of Amazon Prime, performing flight from Miami to Houston Intercontinental (USA) with 3 crew, plunged out of the sky and crashed into a Texas bay. Aircraft was on approach to Houston in contact with Houston Approach, routine communication, when radio and radar contact with the aircraft was lost […]

CRASH | Boeing 707 Crashes into Houses near Tehran

Reading Time: 1 minute A Boeing 707-300 freighter, performing a freight flight from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) to Karaj (Iran) with 16 crew and a cargo of meat, crashed in residential area near Tehran. According to avherald.com, the aircraft landed at the wrong airport. The aircraft was on approach to Karaj’s Payam Airport when the crew descended towards and landed in Fath’s […]

Korean Airlines Boeing 747 Freighter Could not Retract Landing Gear

Reading Time: 1 minute A Korean Airlines Boeing 747-800 freighter, performing flight from Chicago O’Hare to Atlanta (USA), could not retract landing gear. Aircraft was climbing out of Chicago when the crew requested to level off at 5000 feet due to a technical issue they were working on. After working the checklists the crew advised, they could not retract the […]

Serve Cargo B733 Suffers Nose Gear Collapse and Runway Excursion

Reading Time: 1 minute A Serve Air Cargo Boeing 737-300 freighter, registration 9S-ASG performing a freight flight from an unknown origin to Lubumbashi (DR Congo), landed on Lubumbashi’s runway 07 but veered left off the runway. It came to a stop with a collapsed nose gear, both nose and left main gear on soft ground, the right main gear […]

Boeing and Turkish Airlines Announce Order for Three 777 Freighters

Reading Time: 1 minute Boeing and Turkish Airlines announced that the carrier ordered three more 777 Freighters in December 2017. The new order came weeks after the carrier took delivery of two of the large cargo jets as part of its plan to further expand its freight business. “These freighter orders will surely contribute to our significant target for […]

FedEx to Buy Up to 50 Planes from ATR to Upgrade Feeder Fleet

Reading Time: 1 minute FedEx Express has placed a firm order for 30 new ATR freighter turboprops, with options for a further 20 aircraft. The global transport company has ordered the ATR 72-600F that will be delivered from the factory in a freighter configuration featuring a windowless fuselage, a forward large cargo door and a rear upper hinged cargo […]

Qatar Airways Cargo Introduces New Freighter Services in the Americas

Reading Time: 2 minutes Qatar Airways Cargo has announced that it will launch freighter operations to four new destinations in the Americas, starting 2 February 2017. Boeing 777 freighters will fly twice a week to the South American cities of Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Quito and the North American city of Miami. The twice weekly freighter service will depart from […]

Chinese Large Freighter Plane Enters Military Service

Reading Time: 1 minute Y-20, China’s homegrown large transport aircraft, officially joined the People’s Liberation Army Air Force on Wednesday. With a maximum takeoff weight of 200 tonnes, the Y-20 is ideal for transporting cargo and personnel over long distances in diverse weather conditions. “The Y-20 entering into service marks a crucial step for the Air Force improving its […]