Aviation Training Management Software – A Key to Digital Optimization

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Digitalization is considered to be one of the major trends impacting the modern global aviation training industry and aviation technologies which are currently in use.

Social media, mobile computing, cloud computing, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the principal tools used in order to implement digital transformations. As a whole unit these technologies manage to change the way people and businesses are related to technology.

According to the recent survey carried out by the Accenture Digital Supply Network, more than 80 percent of the executives of the aviation related companies acknowledge that digital transformation might positively affect the process of integration across operations as well as within the organization and might make ongoing practical gains in operational efficiencies, service as well as maintenance and customer relationships.

Digital optimization – an innovative challenge for aviation training organizations

Budgets of aviation training providers have never been analysed as carefully as they are today and operational tasking of flight schools have never been so varied. Therefore, the aviation training industry has to be modern and maintain operational effectiveness, as well as perfectly manage with day-to-day issues.

In order to fulfil all these challenging tasks effectively, it is necessary to digitally optimize such elements as equipment, personnel, information, scheduling, organization, infrastructure and logistics as well as the whole process of training. To reach a desired result, all these components have to operate as an optimized enterprise. Aviation training organizations face a lot of issues that cannot be handled in an old way.

However, many aviation training organisations before entering the initial stage of digital transformation or optimization tend to investigate the market and gather all the information about the already existing technological solutions that might contribute to the enhancement of their business development.What is management software and how is it related to aviation training?

What is management software and how is it related to aviation training?

Management software is designed to streamline the complexity of large projects and tasks as well as facilitate team collaboration and project reporting. Most smart solutions of this type can also handle resource and employee management, schedule coordination, task assignment, budgeting, time and risk analysis.Flight training appears to be a very complicated and lengthy process which requires strict scheduling and extraordinary solutions. Consequently, the main goal of aviation training organisations is to standardise and improve that process. Nowadays flight management software offers easy set-up of training syllabi as well as tracking of students, instructors and aircraft for more optimum use of assets.

Flight training appears to be a very complicated and lengthy process which requires strict scheduling and extraordinary solutions. Consequently, the main goal of aviation training organisations is to standardise and improve that process. Nowadays flight management software offers easy set-up of training syllabi as well as tracking of students, instructors and aircraft for more optimum use of assets.

Aviation training management software: MINT, MOMook and Pelesys

In order to provide you with the most relevant information regarding management software, a detailed research has been conducted. It focused on the identification of the TOP 3 aviation training management software providers that suggest the smartest solutions of this type.


The MINT System is an advanced system meant for flight crew training scheduling, AQP/ATQP-Data Collection and records management. It was designed for effective pilot and cabin crew training management at flight crew training organizations. The MINT company’s headquarter is located in Germany.

Key features

Crew Records. The MINT is perfectly useful for organisations to keep flight crew and instructor qualifications up to date. Users can easily track all the records by setting up reminders. All licenses and certificates can be stored electronically and linked to each individual’s personal data profile. Also, the MINT system automatically tracks and outlines all licenses according to dates and related renewal periods. Moreover, users can create qualification reports with multiple layouts for various different purposes and extract any kind of statistical data from the MINT System to make detailed evaluation.

Scheduling. The MINT scheduling solution handles all stages of planning and automated scheduling. The MINT currency engine depicts all due employees fully automatically from its internal currency queue what allows planners to assign trainees or create new training courses without any difficulties. One more distinctive aspect of this module is considered to be cost based scheduling which allows resource selection based on the less expensive alternative. The schedule of classes, students and instructor are distributed by date and can be opened via any web browser.

MINT iPad App. Customers can download and use huge amounts of educational material straight on their iPad. The application supports all multimedia-functionalities of the iPad for interactive content and video-tutorials. Easy editing and bookmarking capabilities enable users to highlight and add notes to relevant components of graphics or texts.

Customers. Atlas Air, Avianca, Emirates, Icelandair, jetBlue, Lufthansa Flight Training, Monarch, Virgin Atlantic, WOW Air.

Website for more information: http://media-interactive.de/


MOMook is web-based business management software designed specifically for aviation training centres in order to organise the entire training system. The MOMook company’s headquarter is located in Lithuania.

Key features

Documents. With MOMook’s aviation training software you are able to easily manage any kind of data omitting various human errors and without doing any paperwork. Therefore, the training progress monitoring solution will help to keep the tracks of the students’ performance and to grade them during training.

In order to plan and organise flight training, a company is obliged to have valid documentation. MOMook offers the tools to keep all this data up-to-date. Moreover, the system helps to deal with a number of different documents (passports, visas, licenses, certificates), track all the edits made to files and get the notifications when a document is reaching the expiration term. So, in terms of this module MOMook would be a great helper to the manager whose responsibility is to plan the whole training process.

Scheduling. The software enables you to book preferred time and available classrooms from the list of ground school’s resources within a few clicks. The feature of booking a simulator or an aircraft in real time allows you to react to the client’s demands and requests as quickly as possible. Also, MOMook provides training managers and flight instructors with an opportunity to use flight training devices at full capacity by managing simulator’s or aircraft’s slots in seconds.

Furthermore, MOMook’s aircraft booking system makes it possible to organise the entire work process, starting with Ab Initio training and ending with aircraft maintenance, and filter a certain aircraft according to a specific period and its availability.

Flight Tracker. The Flight Tracker is a pioneering solution meant for the aircraft tracking provided by MOMook. The Software and hardware solution is particularly designed for aviation training centres. The current technology allows aviation training centres to track their aircraft. Every aircraft is monitored using GPS technology by linking its flight data to MOMook’s software. It is a perfect tool which contributes to the improvement of the whole training process by collecting data from the aircraft and analysing it on the Web.

The Flight Tracker visualises live and historic data such as longitude, latitude, altitude, ground speed or 2-D maps.

Customers. SIM4U, ATCT, BAA Training, Alpha Aviation Academy, AMIKON Aviation Academy, Aviation Academy Austria, GroupEAD, FSTC.

Website for more information: https://momook.com/


Pelesys is a provider of aviation training management solutions to airlines, training organizations, OEM’s and MRO’s. Pelesys develops and maintains its own aviation training courseware consisting of over a thousand hours of Web-Based Training (WBT). This WBT includes both aircraft type courses and special operations courseware required for all regulatory training. The Pelesys company’s headquarter is located in Canada.

Key features

Scheduling and Qualification Management System (QMS). The Pelesys scheduling system is used to streamline scheduling processes, support internal business workflow and track and utilise resources. Organisations can implement and schedule entire training footprints and curriculum including e-learning, classroom and simulation events, as well as assessment and testing.

Just like MINT’s and MOMook’s solutions, Pelesys QMS automates the management process to track all the aviation related positions that require qualification monitoring. The QMS helps to ensure employers that employee qualifications remain current.

Electronic Training Records and Exam Generation System. The Electronic Training Records solution allows to generate electronic grade forms and assessments that can be completed online or offline. Completed assessments are stored electronically so that collected data can be easily analysed and reported.

The Exam Generation System is a question management and exam generation tool that creates electronic exams, quizzes, assessments and surveys. Exam structures can be created according to examination requirements such as random question order, time limitation or re-entry restriction.

Courseware. The biggest advantage of Pelesys appears to be its courseware library. This Type Rate Training Courseware and Special Operations Courseware has been designed for initial or recurrent training. Each course includes 2D / 3D graphics, digital images, animations, on-screen text and audio narration.

Customers. United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, CAE, Norwegian, SAS, Airbus, Virgin America, COMAC, airberlin.

Website for more information: http://website.pelesys.com/


An aviation training organization which is heading towards digitalisation and expresses the will to say „goodbye“ to inefficient ways of management has to own the tools that allow decision makers to monitor all the processes by bring data to the desktop and enhancing their understanding of the functions which carry out real value and which are less effective. All the aviation training management software providers mentioned above might become your key to digital optimisation.