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Boeing Admits Knowing About 737 MAX Issues Before Crashes

Reading Time: 3 minutes Boeing released a new statement in which admitted it was aware of 737 MAX problem of the aircraft display system software not correctly meeting the AOA Disagree alert requirements, but took no action to resolve the issue. It appears that the aircraft manufacturer knew that the problem exists already in 2017, long before the first […]

Aeromexico Goes Live With MRO Software

Reading Time: < 1 minute Aeromexico went live with AMOS MRO software finishing its two-phase implementation approach, according to Swiss-AS, the software supplier. At the end of last year, the airline’s Boeing fleet went live with AMOS.  Now the Embraer fleet is fully managed into it, as well. Aeromexico is already planning the further adoption of emerging technologies in aircraft […]

Wizz Air Slashing Compliance Management Time Dramatically

Reading Time: < 1 minute Wizz Air recently chose Flydocs software for its data and records solution. One advantage was that Flydocs has advanced interfaces with Swiss-AS’s AMOS MRO software, which Wizz Air also uses. Chief Marketing Officer Jen Adams says Flydocs now has more than 40 customers globally, including about 30 airlines, plus lessors, shops and manufacturers. While most […]

ATCT to Select MOMook Software for Its Training Management

Reading Time: 2 minutes The technology company MOMook, developing management software solutions for aviation training centres, is announcing a service agreement with Aviation Training Center of Tunisia (ATCT). The two-year agreement, signed on 29th of September, includes the MOMook solution for company’s training scheduling, documents, and user management, syllabus manager, examination, reporting and student progress, warehouse and simulator maintenance. […]

Aviation Training Management Software – A Key to Digital Optimization

Reading Time: 6 minutes Digitalization is considered to be one of the major trends impacting the modern global aviation training industry and aviation technologies which are currently in use. Social media, mobile computing, cloud computing, analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the principal tools used in order to implement digital transformations. As a whole unit these technologies […]

Qantas New App to Help Save Millions in Fuel

Reading Time: 2 minutes Australia’s Qantas, one of the world’s oldest airlines, will soon have a new app that tells its pilots the most fuel-efficient way to fly around the world. The new app is expected to slash at least 30 million Australian dollars (22.7 million U.S. dollars) off its annual fuel bills and forms a range of expected […]

Boeing Partners with Emirates Flight Training Academy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boeing announced a partnership with the Emirates Flight Training Academy, a division of Emirates Airline, to collaborate on a comprehensive training curriculum and software infrastructure to help train pilot cadets. “We are leveraging Boeing’s expertise in airline pilot training to identify opportunities to enhance the Academy’s curriculum” said Captain Alan Stealey, principal, Emirates Flight Training […]