Boom Aerospace Proceeds with Manufacturing Site Selection


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Boom Supersonic announced at the ongoing Dubai Airshow that it was moving ahead with plans to select a manufacturing site for production of its proposed 55 seat supersonic commercial airplane.

The announcement was made by Blake Scholl, Founder & CEO, Boom Aerospace, during a press conference at the show.

A request for proposal will be issued in the first quarter of 2018. The down select is expected the same year.

The facility site should accommodate a facility that could be as large as 750,000 sqft.  The company announced that it expects demand for 1000-2000 aircraft over the first 10 years.

The new factory must have the scale to manufacture at least 100 aircraft a year.

Scholl also said also said that the XP 1 Supersonic demonstrator would fly by the end of 2018. Test results will be used to calibrate and validate the design tools and methodology.

Entry into service for the aircraft is still planned for late 2023.

Termed as a second generationsupersonic passenger airplane, the eventual aircraft will be able to fly 4500nm non-stop.

The aircraft will be able to cover the distance between London to Sydney in 7 hours (including a stop in Tahiti) as compared to 15 hours taken by a commercial flight flying non-stop at subsonic speeds.