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Spike Aerospace Predicts Supersonic Market Exceeds 13 Million+ Annually

Reading Time: 2 minutes Supersonic flights could be enjoyed by over 13 million passengers annually when flights begin in 2025,” according to Vik Kachoria, CEO & President of Spike Aerospace. “While supersonic aircraft might be ushered in by the wealthy, they will ultimately benefit anyone who wants and needs to get to their destinations faster. This is going to […]

Japan Airlines to Invest $10m in U.S. Supersonic Airline Boom

Reading Time: < 1 minute Denver-based startup Boom Supersonic said on Tuesday Japan’s No. 2 carrier Japan Airlines Co Ltd has invested US$10 million in the company, which is building a supersonic passenger aircraft it claims will be faster, quieter and more affordable to fly than Concorde. Boom is developing a 55-seat plane that it says will be able to […]

Boom Aerospace Proceeds with Manufacturing Site Selection

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boom Supersonic announced at the ongoing Dubai Airshow that it was moving ahead with plans to select a manufacturing site for production of its proposed 55 seat supersonic commercial airplane. The announcement was made by Blake Scholl, Founder & CEO, Boom Aerospace, during a press conference at the show. A request for proposal will be […]

Boom Has 76 Orders For A Supersonic Passenger Jet

Reading Time: < 1 minute Based just south of Denver, Colorado, Boom has provided updated figures on orders received for its supersonic jet, which is currently still undergoing trials with a one-third size demonstrator, XB-1. To date 76 orders have been received, which include non-refundable down payments. Boom is a startup company which is promising to produce a supersonic passenger […]

Boeing Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel

Reading Time: < 1 minute Boeing marked an event to celebrate its 100th anniversary by laying out new grand ambitions for the future of the company, which could see the return of supersonic air travel as well as passenger trips into space. According to company chief executive Dennis Muilenburg, although such space trips could still be decades away they are […]