Braathens Regional ATR 72 Deals with Icing in Flight

Photo: Roland Magnusson /

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A Braathens Reginal Airlines Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-212A, performing a flight TF-336 from Stockholm Bromma to Helsingborg (Sweden), was climbing through FL130 out of Bromma Airport when the crew declared emergency reporting they were picking up ice on their wings and needed to immediately descend into warmer air.

The aircraft descended and diverted to Stockholm’s Skavsta Airport (Sweden) for a safe landing about 15 minutes after stopping the climb.

Passengers reported they were in clouds when the engines accelerated, the aircraft began to shake. After a while the aircraft descended out of clouds, shaking began to reduce. They were instructed to brace for landing, a hard touchdown followed.

The airline confirmed the crew performed an emergency landing, there probably was a problem with the de-icing prior to departure. The crew had to descend immediately to get into warmer air and subsequently diverted to Skavsta.