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Barcelona El Prat Airport Sees Record Numbers in 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutes There may still be a lot of uncertainty surrounding Brexit in the UK, but that isn’t stopping the majority from enjoying their annual break. Many European destinations have experienced an increase in tourism over the past couple of years. One in particular that’s seen an increase in tourists is Barcelona. Here, we’ll look at some […]

Four Reasons Why Millennials Matter for Business Aviation’s Future

Reading Time: 5 minutes “To Have or to Be?” is the title of a once-undervalued 1976 work by psychologist Erick Fromm in which he reflects on the materialistic nature of human beings. Erich’s argument of society’s deviation from the path of “being” in nature was backed by strong cases of consumerism and great promises made by industrialization in late […]

Customers’ Complaints Point to Questionable VD Gulf Practices

Reading Time: 2 minutes VD Gulf is MRO service provider located in Sharjah, the UAE. The company claims to be “the biggest Middle East MRO-provider” already and continues service expansion, having added Boeing 777 service to its portfolio earlier in 2019. VD Gulf offers appealing prices, reportedly as low as ~20% below industry standard, in addition to easily available […]