British Airways A320 at Malaga Rejected Takeoff Due to Safety Warning


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A British Airways Airbus A320-200, registration G-GATK performing flight BA-2713 from Malaga,SP (Spain) to London Gatwick,EN (UK), lined up Malaga’s runway 31 full length and was accelerating for takeoff at 20:00L (19:00Z) when the crew rejected takeoff at high speed.

The aircraft slowed safely and vacated the runway via the first high speed turnoff about 1900 meters down the runway and returned to the apron.

The aircraft was able to depart about 80 minutes later and reached Gatwick with a delay of 2 hours.

A passenger reported the captain announced that following the rejected takeoff the tyres and brakes needed to be checked as well as the fuel being topped up. The passenger understood the captain saying that ATC had assigned them to a different runway than expected (runway 13 was obviously expected), during the takeoff run some system raised a safety issue leading to the decision to reject takeoff.

According to radar data the aircraft had arrived into Malaga as flight BA-2712 landing on runway 13 at 18:56L (17:56Z).