British Airways A320 Deals with the Gear Problem at Amsterdam

Photo: Marco Visentin

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A British Airways Airbus A320-200, registration G-EUUC performing flight BA-446 from London Heathrow, EN (UK) to Amsterdam (Netherlands), was on final approach to Amsterdam’s runway 06 when the crew initiated a go around reporting a gear problem.

The aircraft requested a long downwind and 15nm final approach while working the checklists, the crew subsequently advised they would have no nosewheel steering on landing. The aircraft landed safely on runway 06 about 15 minutes after the go around and vacated the runway via a high speed turnoff then stopped for inspection by emergency services.

Tower reported they could see the nose gear doors open, otherwise everything looked normal, the crew confirmed they had an indication for an issue with the nose wheel doors. The aircraft was towed to the apron.