Camair Co Xian MA-60 Shot at With Firearms


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A Camair Co Xian MA-60, registration TJ-QDB performing flight QC-292 from Douala to Bamenda (Cameroon), was on approach to Bamenda, when shots were heard and two projectiles entered the cabin.

The aircraft was able to continue for a safe landing. No injuries occurred, the aircraft fuselage and pressure vessel was penetrated at the left hand side by two projectiles at about the height of passenger windows.

The airline confirmed its MA-60 TJ-QDB was shot at with firearms while on approach for landing at Bamenda. No loss of life was recorded, the aircraft was able to land safely despite the damage to its fuselage.

An armed conflict between Cameroon’s army and rebels attempting to separate the region into a state Ambazonia has been in progress since 2017.