CIS Commercial Airliner Fleet to Double by 2037

Photo: Björn Wylezich

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According to an updated 20-year aircraft demand forecast for Russia and CIS, presented by Airbus, the region’s airlines will need some 1,220 new passenger airliners costing a total of $175 billion up to 2037.

  • The Airbus estimates show that the collective fleet operating in the region will double from the existing 857 to 1,700 aircraft.
  • The demand will be driven by a steady expansion of the air travel market, which is expected to grow at an average rate of 4.1 per cent annually during the next two decades.
  • Russia is expected to remain the primary growth generator in the region, with its population’s mobility projected to more than double by 2037.
  • Fleet expansion in the period will drive up the demand for additional flight and maintenance personnel, with estimates of 23,000 pilots and 27,960 technicians and engineers.
  • According to Julien Franiatte, managing director of Airbus Moscow, tourism and business will remain the main growth drivers for the market, stimulating demand for new generation aircraft in Russia and the CIS.
  • Airbus’s current fleet in Russia and the CIS now exceeds 400 aircraft, with more than 330 of them operated by Russian carriers.