Co-owner of Russia’s S7 Group Killed in Air Crash

Photo: Remo Garone

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Natalia Fileva, co-owner and chairman of the board of directors of the S7 group, Russia’s largest private airline group, crashed on an airplane in Germany, the airline’s press service said.

The crash of a private six-seater Epic-LT aircraft occurred while approaching Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport (IATA code: QEF) in Germany. The circumstances of the tragedy are not yet known.

Russia-registered airplane with tail number RA-2151G was on Globus’ Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC), one of the airlines belonging to Natalia Fileva and her husband Vladislav.

Vladislav Filev is believed to be a beneficial owner of the American general aviation light turboprop aircraft manufacturer Epic Aircraft, the company which produced the crushed airplane.

Natalia Fileva, 55, is one of richest businesswomen in Russia. According to Forbes her fortune is estimated at $600 million.

S7 Group is co-owned by Natalia Fileva and her husband Vladislav Filev. This is the largest private aviation holding in Russia, it includes about 15 companies, the largest of which are Siberia and Globus Airlines. S7 Airlines airline ranks second in terms of passenger traffic among Russian airlines after Aeroflot.

The investigation of the incident will be conducted by an international commission with the participation of Russian aviation authorities, says S7 Airlines’ statement.