Compass Airlines Rolls Out $17,500 First Officer Signing Bonus

Photo: Eric Salard

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Compass Airlines First Officers can now earn up to $58,500 during their first year with the airline, thanks to a new $17,500 signing bonus.

The $17,500 bonus will be paid in three increments over a pilot’s first year of service.  The new signing bonus is in addition to a recent pay hike for First Officers, which raised first year pay to $41.00, the highest in the regional airline industry.

“This new bonus, along with other recent initiatives at Compass, including a First Officer pay increase, and a drastically increased referral bonus, illustrate our commitment to attracting the best aviation talent to our airline,” remarked Compass Airlines President & Chief Executive Officer Rick Leach.

“This move will make Compass the leading destination for pilots who want to earn top-tier compensation while flying the largest and most desirable aircraft in the regional airline industry, the Embraer 175,” added Compass Airlines Chief Operating Officer Bob Gleason.

In addition to earning a $17,500 signing bonus and the highest first year hourly pay of any regional airline in the industry, Compass pilots can also earn up to $10,000 for every successful pilot candidate they refer to the company.

The new signing bonus is effective immediately.

Source: Compass Airlines Press Release