COVID-19 Repatriation Flights: Key Role of Private Jet Charters

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The Covid-19 pandemic has left many people stranded in foreign countries since its beginnings in late 2019. With commercial aviation basically removed from the skies and plagued with uncertainty, travelers had almost no options to return home in the midst of a global pandemic. Nevertheless, private aviation has been the best option and solution for entire families seeking a safe and swift return to their countries of origin.

A reliable trip home comes in the form of a repatriation flight, which is made possible thanks to the coordination between private jet companies and embassies around the globe.

It’s the case of Palm Beach-based private charter company BitLux, which has coordinated numerous flights not only in the U.S. but also in Asia and Africa, evidencing that repatriation flights are a global trend today amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Kyle Patel, CEO of BitLux, states that embassies around the world have trusted in private charter companies to operate these flights because of their experience in global flight coordination and high levels of aircraft availability.

In times of crisis, private aviation has maintained its reliability with flexible operational costs, thanks to a diverse pool of planes that adapt to the situation of each group of people in need of assistance. We’re just a call way from operating a swift and safe flight to bring families home”, he concluded.

Humanitarian Role of Charters

Private aviation’s role during Covid-19 goes beyond repatriation flights. With cargo routes impacted due to the decrease of commercial operations, humanitarian missions transporting goods and supplies to affected regions have demonstrated the real value of private aviation, with conclusive evidence that luxury and business operations are just the tip of the iceberg for this segment.

In fact, humanitarian missions are part of the yearly range of services provided by private aviation. Pandemics aside, there are other crises, like earthquakes, forest fires and hurricanes, that will demand the transportation of supplies to isolated regions, usually locations that require special operational conditions for an aircraft, like smaller or even damaged airstrips.

The large universe of available private aircraft adapts to any conditions, making private flight a true workhorse in times of disaster.

Along the same lines, BitLux has decided to take advantage of an extensive network of stakeholders around the world to provide a fast, reliable, and sound way of sourcing needs for all entities in need of personal protective equipment (PPE) during Covid-19.

The company also has extensive experience in disaster relief, evacuations, and humanitarian aid, and has pooled resources together with several partner companies in the cargo space to be able to move shipments across the globe in a timely manner with as much supplies aircraft can possibly carry.

Today’s uncertain times welcome stories that bring hope, like the option of repatriation and humanitarian flights, connecting families around the world and getting them home safely. Although these operations won’t cause the coronavirus to dissipate, they grant a real solution amid a worldwide commercial aviation crisis that will take months, maybe even years, to regain its shape.