EASA Certifies Engine For Russian Ka-62 Helicopter

Photo: Russian Helicopters

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EASA has certified the Safran Ardiden 3G turboshaft engine intended to power the Russian Kamov Ka-s62 medium multirole helicopter. The certificate was issued on June 12, 2017, reads an EASA statement.

The certification application was filed in 2007. Ground tests commenced in April 2013; flight tests started in 2016, when the first Ka-62 flying prototype performed its maiden hovering flight. Since then, the engines have accumulated more than 8,500 hours of test operation, reads a statement by French OEM Safran Helicopter Engines (formerly Turbomeca).

The Ka-62’s first proper flight took place in the end of May 2017. It tested the helicopter’s stability and controllability, its electricity supply, avionics, and powerplant.

Kamov’s mother company Russian Helicopters says the Russian aviation authority will certify the engine in the near future.

The Ka-62 program started in 1992. An early prototype was showcased at the HeliRussia 2012 exhibition. The Ardiden 3G was selected as the helicopter’s powerplant in 2011. The engine has a maximum cruise power of 1,170 hp, and produces 1,360 hp in the take-off mode.

It was initially planned to certify the helicopter in 2014, but the timeline slipped repeatedly. The launch customers are Russian defense and law-enforcement agencies. The helicopter is meant for passenger transportation, as well as in medevac and offshore roles.

Source: rusaviainsider.com