EgyptAir Cancels Flight To Bangkok After False Bomb Scare


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Egypt Air canceled a Wednesday morning flight from Cairo to Bangkok after a three hour delay to takeoff.

The takeoff was delayed while the airline searched the aircraft and passengers after receiving a report saying a bomb had been planted on board.

An EgyptAir statement published on Wednesday said the flight was held while security procedures were carried out following a bomb scare. The statement said a security threat had been posed to Flight 960 flying from Cairo to Bangkok, which was scheduled to take off on Tuesday night at 22.30 p.m. local time.

The threat transpired to be false, but the flight was cancelled.

The aircraft was rescheduled to fly a different route, and the 226 passengers due to take the flight to Bangkok were transferred to a hotel near the airport. The passengers will make the journey on the next flight out of Egypt to their destination.