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Egypt Air Boeing 737-800 Blows All Four Main Tyres While Landing

Reading Time: < 1 minute An Egypt Air Boeing 737-800, performing positioning flight from Cairo (Egypt) to Belgrade (Serbia), landed on Belgrade’s runway but came to a stop on the runway with all 4 main tyres blown, the wheel rims damaging the runway surface. There were no injuries, the aircraft received minor damage, the runway surface was damaged, too. The […]

Egypt Air Confirms First Bombardier C-Series Order in 18 Months

Reading Time: < 1 minute Egypt Air has confirmed it will buy 12 CS300 aircraft from Bombardier and reserved the right to buy an additional 12 on the same terms at a later date. The commitment was originally announced as an understanding between the North African carrier and Bombardier at the Dubai Airshow. The agreement was widely viewed as a […]

Egypt Air Boeing 777 and Virgin Airbus A330 Minor Collision at JFK

Reading Time: < 1 minute An EgyptAir Boeing 777 and a Virgin Atlantic A330-300 suffered a collison. The two aircraft clipped wings while taxiing at JFK Airport, New York. An EgyptAir spokesperson said: “The Flight MS 986, a Boeing 777, was moving on Taxiway Kilo at the airport when its right wing slightly touched the left wing of Virgin Atlantic […]

Egypt Air Prepares to Make a Significant Aircraft Order

Reading Time: < 1 minute Egypt Air might be getting set to place a double-digit aircraft order according to multiple reports from the country. “We started with the replacement plan, where we purchased nine planes. Regarding the second phase, it includes a new deal for 38 planes, however, this deal is still under study and has not yet been confirmed,” […]

10 Fatal Commercial Aircraft Crashes That Happened In 2016

Reading Time: 7 minutes It is a generally known fact that flying is still the safest form of long distance travel. Last year 3,8 billion people flew safely on 40,4 million flights. Every year these numbers are increasing since there are more people who can afford to travel by air. Unfortunately, the word “safest” does not mean that the […]

EgyptAir Cancels Flight To Bangkok After False Bomb Scare

Reading Time: < 1 minute Egypt Air canceled a Wednesday morning flight from Cairo to Bangkok after a three hour delay to takeoff. The takeoff was delayed while the airline searched the aircraft and passengers after receiving a report saying a bomb had been planted on board. An EgyptAir statement published on Wednesday said the flight was held while security […]

UPDATE: Hijacked Egypt Air Flight MS181 Lands in Cyprus

Reading Time: 2 minutes The alleged hijacker of an EgyptAir plane has been arrested after hours of negotiations, according to Cypriot police, and has emerged from the grounded plane with his hands up. The man – said to be in an “unstable psychological state” and believed by authorities to be Egyptian – had held a number of hostages but […]